A Bubble Machine: A Great Cat Toy

Cat lovers and owners are on a constant search for new and exciting things that will bring joy and entertainment to their pet. Sometimes the smallest or seemingly boring activity can keep it occupied for hours. It’s always great to sit back and watch it having fun, running around, jumping, and playing. Isn’t that one of the “little feel goods” that cat ownership is about? While it is fun to point a laser around the room to play with your furry friend, a really fun cat toy is actually… bubbles! Scratch and Purr

It seems to have so much fun with bubbles. They are fascinated by them. They get to chase them as they float around the room, pop then if they catch them, and even jump on them from high places. If you’ve never seen a furry little four-legged animal play with bubbles, you’ve missed a treat.

They are an endless source of fun for little kitties. It’s even more fun for you and the cat, if you have an Automated Bubble Maker. Yes, the old-fashioned way will work just as well, but it’s easier on you and a faster event for the kitty.

Additionally, watching your pet have fun with bubbles is a great way for you to relax. It’s such a joyful time for them as well. They seem to feel like they’re on the hunt, attacking every one in sight with such “ferocity.”

Maybe it is equally as much fun for you as it is for them, but the end result of happiness is what’s important, right? Who needs a TV when you can get a bit of entertainment and comedy from your kitty with some bubbles.


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