What Are Included In The Arts?

What Are Included In The Arts?

The arts include many forms of entertainment and creativity. Theatre is a branch of the performing arts. It involves acting out stories in front of an audience using speech, gesture, music, dance, and spectacle. It can combine elements of other forms of entertainment such as ballet, opera, and mime.

Fine arts:

Fine arts are works of art that have aesthetic value. They are often contrasted with applied arts and crafts. Some examples of fine arts include architecture and photography. Some artists create works of art for commercial purposes, while others create works for pleasure and enjoyment. In the Western world, fine arts are often characterized by high-quality craftsmanship and a sense of elegance and beauty. These works of art are often prized by collectors.

Applied arts:

The applied arts are those arts that focus on creating practical objects and are not purely decorative. Examples of this type of art are industrial design, interior design, furniture, jewelry, textile, glassware, and musical instruments. These types of art also overlap with decorative arts. In addition, commercial art is considered an application of the applied arts.

While the applied arts are less autonomous than the fine arts, they can still be very inspiring. They offer many possibilities for careers, and students can make a decent living while pursuing their creative interests.

Decorative arts:

Decorative arts include a wide range of artworks. These include ceramics, porcelain, china, jade carving, wood carving, and other forms of tangible art. Many of these works have practical value, making them perfect for home decorations. Decorative arts can range from simple objects to elaborate and complex works.


There are several ways in which people can engage in crafts, from creating decorative items to creating food. All of these activities require skill, patience, and speed to complete. However, many crafts can be learned by anyone, and community centers and schools regularly offer basic classes. Many crafts are also very popular and spread rapidly among a variety of people.

While most Arts and Crafts practitioners focused on making decorative items, they also incorporated them into architecture. Because they believed that a person should be able to connect with their work, they developed an aesthetic that encompassed many different types of art and design. They were influenced by medieval art forms, such as the Gothic style, and the imagery of nature. This aesthetic was influential in modern architecture, and many architects have been influenced by it.