Chicken House Building Plans and Tips

A chicken house is amongst the simplest DIY projects that you can do. All you need is a few bits of timber and some wire mesh, and you’ve got all the main materials already! However, no DIY project can be complete without some solid background info and some good quality plans. This article provides an overview of a chicken house, and also shows you where to download the best chicken house building plans. staircase supplier

Chicken House Building Tips

1) Depending on how many birds you want to keep, your coop should be big enough for roosts, nests, a feeding area, and possibly even a protected running space. 3 square feet per bird is about right. Any smaller and you risk disease and cannibalism.

2) Roosts and nests need to be about a foot off the ground and spaced apart to ensure comfortable sleeping room.

3) Chickens and roosters are quite fragile, and need solid protection from weather and predators. Depending on where you live, you might even have a problem with poultry theft, so think about a padlock.

4) You should always ensure that there is some kind of vegetation growing inside the run. Consider vines and some small, tough plants. Vegetation ensures that the soil remains in good condition.

5) Ventilation is important for any enclosed areas. Though chickens do need to be kept warm, it’s essential that they get fresh air. Building ventilation also ensures of less unpleasant smell when you go to collect eggs.

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