Digital Printing Paving the Way For Quick Turn Around Printing Services

Having quick turn around printing services is very convenient – especially today when everyone is living a fast paced world. But have you ever wondered how digital printing companies can offer quick turn around printing services? Here are three reasons how:

Reason number 1: There are no more mechanical processes involved in digital printing

The digital printing process utilizes direct to printer approach that can by pass mechanical process that are essential in traditional off set printing methods. For example, in order to have your prints produced through offset printing, you need to produce plates that will serve as a guide for your printer. You need film strippers for proofing purposes. However, this is not the case with digital printing. Through the digital process you can transfer your design files from your removable storage devices and transfer them to your printer’s computer. After this, just sit back and watch your prints run since the computer automatically transfers your image files to the computer for printing. With the digital printing process your prints can be ready literally within minutes. digital printing pouch

For example, your ink jet or laser printer at home can print your documents straight from your computer with just a click of the button. When you click the print button in your computer, you can immediately see the printer print your document. The same principle is applied by digital printing companies albeit in a much larger scale.

Reason number 2: Different way of coloring prints

Also, digital printing’s ink distribution is different from traditional offset. In offset printing, the paper and the plates pass through several rolls that contain color inks in order to get the hue that you want. Through these rolls, layers of ink are “stamped” together in different amounts thus producing different shades. And while this method usually produces vivid colors, one drawback it has is when large amounts of inks are used, it is harder to for the ink to dry. Digital printers on the other hand spray the ink directly on top of the paper starting from the top to the bottom then coating it with an aqueous finish. This coating allows the ink to dry in an instant thus allowing digital printers to have quick turn around printing services.

A great example of this would be your photo printing services. Feel the paper after your photos have been printed. Can you feel a slight gloss coating in your prints? Digital printers use this same type of gloss in your prints. Other finishes such as UV coating and matte can also be requested.

Reason number 3: Easy proofing and editing

With the traditional offset methods, proofing your prints require a meticulous method called film stripping. This process involves the production of copies of your design on film. These films are then reviewed and edited by film strippers either by tearing or by using black markers. This process is no longer used in digital printing and you can easily see the proofs of your prints through the computer monitor. You can even magnify this copy so that you can check even the slightest details of your prints.

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