6 Of The Best Wall Mirrors Ideas

6 Of The Best Wall Mirrors Ideas

A wall mirror is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any bedroom. It serves a practical purpose as well as an artistic one. A mirror can reflect color and light and make a room appear larger. It also serves the purpose of ensuring that you look your best. At west elm, you’ll find a wide variety of wall mirrors in shapes, sizes, and styles. They can add a splash of color to any room and make your bedroom appear larger and brighter. The following guide will be useful if you are looking for decorative wall mirrors.

Frameless mirrors:

To hang a frameless wall mirror, first install the bottom clips. Next, install the top clips. Then, tilt the mirror back, so it fits flush against the wall. Finally, screw the top clips into place.

Sunburst mirrors:

Sunburst wall mirrors are a great way to add a bright, modern touch to your décor. These accent mirrors merge fashion and function, featuring a stylish sunburst silhouette and weathered gold finish. The central mirror catches the light and creates a porthole-like effect to make any room appear larger. They are an excellent choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways.

Framed mirrors:

Framed mirrors are versatile and can add a contemporary look to your home. The different shapes and sizes of these mirrors can be used to add a pop of color to your wall. They can be hung vertically and horizontally and come with two hangers on the back.

Framed mirrors with a geometric design:

Framed mirrors with a geometric design add character and personality to any room. These can be hung horizontally or vertically. Choose from various finishes, including gold leaf and black. They’re ideal for entryways or over a console.

Framed mirrors with a black frame:

Mirrors add dimension to a room and amplify the light. The amount of light reflected by a mirror depends on its placement and the frame type. A black frame will make a mirror look larger.

Vintage-styled mirrors:

Vintage-styled wall mirrors have a timeless style that lends a throwback air to a room. They come in various shapes, such as round or rectangular silhouettes. They can also be tailored to suit the existing decor. They can be pivoted or swiveled, and many come with interesting finishes. Some are made of brass, while others are made of metal in an antique silver tone.