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The Samsung A52s is an affordable mid-range Android smartphone made and released by Samsung Electronics as part of their Galaxy A series. The phone is set to be launched on 17 March 2021 at Samsung’s virtual CoolUnpacked event. It is expected that the phone will compete with the likes of LG’s V20 and HTC’s M9. Let us take a look at some of the key features that the A52’s offers. samsung a52 5g

A built for mobility An affordable smartphone such as this is one for those who like to travel around and stay connected with their friends and family. With a built in GPS, the Samsung A52s allows the user to track their location even when they are on the move. The phone also features a built in memory to store plenty of music, videos and photos. On top of this, the Samsung A52s runs on a powerful and efficient Android operating system, so users have access to a variety of apps including messaging and e-mail apps.

Connectivity The Samsung A52s comes with a 1,986 mAh battery, which promises to give users up to eight hours of battery life. In addition to this, the phone comes with Bluetooth technology for all the bands which is inclusive in the package. This means that users can use all the bands when they travel, so they do not miss out on any games or applications.

Memory capacity The Samsung A52s has a memory capacity of 4500 mah which is adequate for most applications. This makes it perfect for business users as well as for people who are fond of downloading movies and music to their phones. The Samsung A52s also offers an expandable memory option. With this in mind, users can opt for the upgrade when the memory capacity is not enough. It has an expandable option with Samsung’s UFS II memory.

Graphic Performance With a large 4.5-megapixel camera at the back of the phone, the Samsung A52s can record videos and images in high definition. The resolution of the images and videos are of superb quality. Another highlight of this device is the fact that it has a digital camera that features optical zoom. This feature helps to enhance clarity in the images. In addition, the video recording features include digital sound, lossless compression, subtitles, and pan/tilt/zoom.

Accessories Samsung A52s comes along with a lot of accessories. Some of these accessories include Samsung Telecom software for international usage, a mobile adapter, and mobile wallpapers. Other than these, users can avail of the opportunity to download games, movies, and free ring tones. The SMS text service is also provided. To add to all, Samsung A52s has a built-in browser with a Microsoft Windows CE support as well as Wi-Fi internet capabilities.

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