Human Hair Wig Care Tips

There are many different opinions on how to get the most from your wigs. But it’s no surprise that it all depends on what wig care technique you are using which also depends on if you are using human hair or synthetic hair. No need to worry I will cover both in this article. I will also briefly cover the differences.

Synthetic hair as you can imagine is cheaper than human hair, but there are reasons for that. Synthetic hair is easier to maintain, can hold a hair style longer, and dryer faster after washing. But their downfall is that you have to be careful with products you use on synthetic hair since heat will melt it. Human hair on the other hand is more expensive, more durable, and looks more like real hair then synthetic, who wouldn’t want that?

Now that we got the basics down and I am assuming that you already went out and now own one of these pieces then we will cover how to maintain and maximize the life-span of your human hair wig.

– Do not wash your wig everyday.

– Try to wash your wigs every six to eight wearings in warm weather and every twelve to fifteen wearings in cooler weather.

– Get rid of any tangles. glueless wig

– Wash in cold-warm water.

– Use mild shampoo which states that it can be used for permed, colored, or processed hair and condition.

– Do not scrub hair.

Drying your wig:

– Gently towel dry.

– Then put you wig on a dry towel or a wire head to air dry.

– For human hair you can use a blow dryer.


– Hot tools may be used on human hair wigs.

– Use special wire wig brush work through it gently to untangle it.

– You can also set wigs with spray or light hairspray.

These are just basic ways on how to care for your human hair wig. I highly recommend that you purchase all your wig care products at the same location you purchased your wig. This will ensure that you get the best life-span on your human hair wig with the above instructions on wig care.


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